The Art of Asking Powerful Questions

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Do You Know Your Basics?
The Art of Asking Powerful Questions.

Peggy Terletzki & Kees Wiebering
Workshop at the Berlin Change Days, 31th Oct. – 2nd Nov. 2014
GLS Language School Berlin, Kastanienallee 82, 10435 Berlin, Germany


Who asks is leading. Questions are the basic tools of each consultant, coach and executive. But there is a difference between asking questions and asking good questions. The usefulness of our knowledge and the effectiveness of our actions depend on the quality of the questions we ask. Good questions open the door to dialogue, creativity and new ways of thinking. Good questions catalyse insight, innovation and action. Asking powerful questions ignites change.

Do you:

  • do your work by asking good questions?
  • think you can improve your skills in asking questions?
  • want to excel in asking powerful questions?

Please feel invited to our practical workshop. Become an artist in asking powerful questions !

Peggy & Kees

Kees Wiebering is a change facilitator with a philosophy background. Facilitating dialogue and change processes are the common thread in his work: coaching, working with conflict, organisation development. Asking clarifying or provocative questions and assisting people in their journey from ‚problem?!‘ to ‚eureka!‘ is the tool of his trade. Kees works internationally in the non-profit sector. His office is located in Frankfurt/ Main, Germany.

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Peggy Terletzki is a facilitator of change processes in life, for people and organisations. She has a holistic approach in facilitation and considers individuals and organisations as a whole, involving all senses and all levels of consciousness to the change process – just body, mind and soul. She creates a joyful working atmosphere that promotes being creative, being able to change points of view with an ease, and to develop a broader dimension for excellent solutions. She is located in Bonn, Germany.

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