The Organisation Compass

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The Organisation Compass
A holistic tool for change process facilitation

Workshop von Peggy Terletzki auf den Berlin Change Days
am 3. Nov. 2013 von 9.00-12.30h

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Executives and consultants, it drives them equally to ask which divisions of the organisation performs excellent, and which could be improved. For their leadership they wish to have a suitable and efficient tool at hand that gives them orientation and sustained support for organisational change processes. The Organisation Compass is an useful and effective tool for various situations.

Medicine Wheel - Organisation Compass

Medicine Wheel – Organisation Compass

The Organisation Compass or Medicine Wheel Tool(TM) was invented by Birgitt and Ward Williams and is the main tool of the Genuine Contact(TM) approach. Facilitators of this consulting approach represent a holistic attitude in the performance of their profession. Holistic means that people and organisations are addressed as a whole and come to a genuine and authentic contact with themselves. All levels of systems and of consciousness are involved in the change process: the rational, emotional, spiritual and physical level – the visible and the invisible, just in heart and mind.

The historical origin lies in the four archetypes of the shaman medicine wheel, an ancient wisdom that has always support people in important decisions. It provides a meaningful and comprehensive analysing structure for diagnosis, implementation and evaluation. Whether it is to find solutions for an existing problem, to mediate a contentious issue, to manage or evaluate a project, or to facilitate a personal or organisational development, all important aspects are taken into account with the Organisation Compass tool.

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