Peg­gy has a very uni­que style

Why would I choo­se Peg­gy for my per­so­nal and pro­fes­sio­nal coa­ching? Because:

I trust her. I feel com­for­ta­ble in her com­pa­ny. She is caring. She is able to crea­te an inspi­ring envi­ron­ment. She is a good lis­te­ner. She is lis­tening bey­ond words with­out making con­clu­si­ons. She asks rele­vant ques­ti­ons. She is com­pe­tent. She has a broad ran­ge of know­ledge. She is well pre­pared. She has a per­so­nal and very uni­que style.

Bent from Copen­ha­gen (Den­mark), 2012