Play­ing Poli­tics — Valuable insights for my future work

In our clo­sing cir­cle of the semi­nar "Play­ing Poli­tics", we came to the con­clu­si­on that nego­tia­ting is a very com­plex, often unpre­dic­ta­ble pro­cess. Like Micha­el Laver wri­tes in his book "Pri­va­te Desi­res, Poli­ti­cal Action", we have both limi­t­ed resour­ces (e.g. time, infor­ma­ti­on) and abili­ties (e.g. spon­ta­n­ei­ty, morality).

What I take out of our semi­nar is that befo­re every pro­cess of nego­tia­ting or pro­blem sol­ving, I will now try to get to know my inte­rests and stick to them. Moreo­ver, I will stick to the rules and try to under­stand the rules of how peo­p­le around me "play". My most important goal in this is to know what I am doing befo­re I am doing it and not actual­ly coming to the right con­clu­si­on afterwards.

The­se are very valuable insights for my future work and vol­un­tee­ring life sin­ce I will be able to use the know­ledge I gai­ned during my bache­lors more suc­cessful­ly – hop­eful­ly hel­ping both other peo­p­le and mys­elf. If it might be in a field rela­ted to poli­tics, even bet­ter, sin­ce I would say that ratio­nal decis­i­on making in times of Popu­lism and Fil­ter bubbles is more important than ever.