Simu­la­ti­on Game "Play­ing Poli­tics" was a high­ly effec­ti­ve seminar

How was it:
Simu­la­ti­on Game Play­ing Poli­tics was a high­ly effec­ti­ve semi­nar in the way it pre­sen­ted the theo­re­ti­cal aspects of each con­cept into the prac­ti­cal way and in a very crea­ti­ve method I have been never expe­ri­en­ced befo­re insi­de a class­room. The over­all con­tent and cur­ri­cu­lum used in this semi­nar was very effec­ti­ve and interesting.
What I take from the seminar:
The prac­ti­cal parts of the semi­nar which was car­ri­ed out through play­ing various games demons­tra­ted me the way things are being car­ri­ed out in real world. Through the semi­nar by obser­ving beha­vi­ors of each par­ti­ci­pant, I lear­ned how to effec­tively prac­ti­ce ratio­nal decis­i­on making in real life and it impro­ved tho­se skills in me.
Abdul from Afgha­ni­stan, 2017