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Do You Know Your Basics? The Art of Asking Power­ful Ques­ti­ons. Peg­gy Ter­letz­ki & Kees Wie­be­ring Work­shop at the Ber­lin Chan­ge Days, 31th Oct. — 2nd Nov. 2014 GLS Lan­guage School Ber­lin, Kas­ta­ni­en­al­lee 82, 10435 Ber­lin, Ger­ma­ny → PDF Flip­Charts Pre­sen­ta­ti­on → PDF Flip­Charts Exer­ci­ses from SATPDF Flip­Charts Exer­ci­ses from SUN Who asks is lea­ding. Ques­ti­ons are the basic tools of … The Art of Asking Power­ful Ques­ti­ons wei­ter­le­sen

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